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Are you stumped how to get a successfully start with social marketing?
Is the web 2.0 phenomenon leaving you feeling overwhelmed?
Have you mastered the art of blogging, but struggling with the traffic side?

If you've been working hard to progressively build your online business, but you're feeling lost about how to take the next step - then Twitter is one social marketing option that you must to master!

The idea of social marketing and the web 2.0 phenomenon is not so new anymore... And if you have spent even a little time online, then you'll have heard these terms being used by the marketing gurus. For many people time and knowhow stops their social marketing from taking off.

If this sounds like you and you are short of time and inspiration on how harness the power web 2.0 and social marketing - then Twitter could be the answer you are looking for! If you're ready to get genuine results - without turning your life upside down or sucking away countless hours of your valuable time - then I can help you achieve your goals.
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From the Desk of Ed Sykes

Hello, I've been working doing internet marketing and have followed closely the changes that have taken place as social marketing has taken centre stage. The increase in social interaction online has presented massive opportunity for many people who are willing to get on board and embrace this phenomenon.

I've worked on a number of areas to master the different opportunities that the advent of web 2.0 has presented. The increase in the number of blogs, social media sites and other options available has grown and evolved dramatically during that time...

The major pitfall that I have seen arise from this social activity and online communication is the amount of time required to manage all the different sites and means of interaction with others... Forums, Facebook, MySpace, blogs, Digg and more... There seems to be a growing number of ways to communicate and interact with others online... For those getting started it can seem like an overwhelming prospect.

As an online marketer I have used a number of methods to help to promote products and services and to drive traffic to websites. Understanding how to create positive communication and to use this wisely to boost businesses is what my work is all about.... This is how I have come to find one answer that is ideal for those wanting to make their online marketing and interaction simpler and more effective....

One Dynamite Application Takes The
Hard Work Out Of Social Marketing...

Social marketing can be a very rewarding (and fun!) way to build your business... When you do this successfully, you will see more traffic, get better customer feedback and discover new information faster.... But getting started can be daunting.

With the countless theories and options available it would be possible to spend a limitless amount of time working on this - and most business owners and entrepreneurs simply don't have the time to dedicate to this exercise.... The best application to achieve results that I've uncovered is Twitter - and I'm going to show you how to master this nifty little application!

Using Twitter can help you to:

Gain customers - convert prospects to customers with valuable information and offers

Get better customer feedback - uncovering what visitors think of your website or what course of action they recommend

Direct targeted traffic - using Twitter you can drive more high quality and eager visitors to your web pages

Keep up-to-date on the latest news - get the latest scoops and a host of alternative information via the Twitter community

Network with others - find contacts with similar outlooks, opinions and interests from the many Twitter users

Alert your customers - with a Twitter feed set up correctly you can let customers and prospective buyers of new products and services (plus a whole lot more!)

Deliver up to the minute information - with Twitter’s tools that allow you to generate real-time comments via your mobile phone, desktop tools and so on

Of course, these are all desirable things for internet marketers and online business operators - there's no real surprises there.... The question most likely at the top of your mind is - how can I also achieve this?

Well, without the knowhow to manage your Twitter account and contacts properly - you might not do all that.... But that is where I have worked out a solution....

In fact, success is unlikely if you don’t have the right knowhow and a strategy for mastering Twitter.... I started out with less than desirable results too - but with a bit of patience and the experience I already possessed from my years working as an internet marketer - I soon found ways to get quality results by using Twitter.

If you are struggling to manage social marketing - then you need to get quality advice that will help you improve your results without outlaying masses of money and without taking up countless of hours of your time to get the returns on your efforts that you need.

But let me show you…….

How You Can Master Twitter & Achieve
Real Results From Social Marketing!

Having mastered Twitter I quickly saw that the results I was getting were the kind of results that others needed too... I turned a corner in my marketing when I uncovered the most efficient ways to create results with this simple to use 'mini-blogging' tool. I discovered that this tool could help me in a number of different ways.

In short, I'd discovered a free, time saving way of driving traffic, communicating with customers and building a dialogue with a targeted audience. If I was to try to do this via other methods - I would have a range of things to manage and a lot more time would be needed to reproduce these results. Not bad for just a few minutes spent setting up and writing my 'mini-blog'!

What I discovered was a way to revolutionise my online marketing and achieve outstanding success faster and more effectively.

Now I'm ready to share my knowledge to help you do the same!

One Tool To Manage Online Marketing &
Make Internet Success A REAL Possibility!

I've put together a step-by-step guide that helps you manage internet marketing and boost your online interaction to target your audience more successfully and to secure your success once and for all!

Once you start using the knowledge and information from my "Twitter Video Tutorials", you can implement strategies to systematically improve the number of visitors you get to your site. You'll also discover how to get quality feedback from your target audience and improve the ease and speed with which you get your messages out to them.
You couldn't ask for better results than that - so let's look at how you can ……

Get GENUINE Results Faster From
The "Twitter Video Tutorials"

Finally, there’s a way to improve your internet marketing quickly! The "Twitter Video Tutorials" cover a host of step methods, techniques and strategies to get you started fast! The secret is the video format that speeds up the learning process to help you understand how to generate real results in a flash!

With the "Twitter Video Tutorials" you’ll learn how to:

Get faster customer feedback

Drive targeted web traffic

Hear the latest news and up-to-the-minute 'scoops' from the Twitter community

Network more efficiently with a community of others sharing common interests

Alert your contacts and customers about promotions, sales and your latest news

Deliver up to the minute information with real-time commenting

Best of all - with the "Twitter Video Tutorials" you can access invaluable information presented in an easy to follow, visual format. Everyone learns in different ways, but these days few people have the time and patience needed to read through a long eBook that could take days if not weeks to provide you with the information you need. For this reason I decided to share my knowledge using in the video format - so learning this valuable information is straightforward and simple. The visual format means you can learn quickly, making it simpler than ever take control of your social marketing.

With the "Twitter Video Tutorials" you’ll….

Get An Unbeatable System To Drive
Your Online Marketing Success!

The "Twitter Video Tutorials" are the ideal solution to learn to manage your social marketing quickly.

Here is exactly why the "Twitter Video Tutorials" are a must use!

Perfect for promotion of your work, interests, products, services or your business

Twitter is another channel via which to drive extra traffic to your website

Hear more users and audience opinions, event information, latest news,

Interact with more people to find out their ideas and hear their feedback

Create active engagement and communication with users for indirect self-promotion and marketing

Simple tracking and directing attention without spending loads of money or taking up unrealistic amounts of time

A straightforward, user friendly approach to increasing online traffic

Knowledge laden videos that go STEP-BY-STEP through the strategies for working with Twitter to consistently achieve long term results

If you simply continue doing what you are now - you'll only get the same results over and over again.... The solution to achieving the same results as in the testimonials is to do away with your skepticism and make a lasting change!

Start Today For One Low, Low Price!

With your "Twitter Video Tutorials" you'll learn everything necessary to dramatically change your online success once and for all! The videos will show you how to implement strategies to secure great results both now and for the longer term...

Here's exactly what the sequence of videos you'll get includes:

Series Intro - In this video I'll introduce the Twitter video series. This will give you a rundown and brief description of each of the videos. With the structure of this first video, you may even opt to use it as a promotional video and after branding it with your unique info - you web address, name, watermark and so on. By then uploading it to various video-hosting sites like YouTube and Google Videos to help generate interest & drive traffic back to your sales page.
Twitter Defined - In this video I will explain the phenomenon known as Twitter and how it can be used for both fun and business. I'll cover some of the things to tackle prior to setting up a Twitter account. Don't worry, it is completely painless and you'll be able to achieve this in next to no time!
Setting Up Your Twitter Account - In this video I cover the steps involved in creating and setting up your Twitter account. Every strong house is built first on a strong foundation and this is the twitter foundation if you will. A not to be missed video!
Creating Our Twitter Background Image - Break out the crayons & construction paper! I'll cover using PhotoShop to create a custom background image for your Twitter page. If creating your own background image isn't your cup of tea, then I'll also cover how you can source readymade background images.
Adding Your Custom Image To Your Twitter Background - Now that you have your background masterpiece, it's time to show the world - or at least the Twitter world. In this video I'll demonstrate how to configure, upload and setup your newly created background image.
How To Get Tweeps (Followers) - Build it and they will come... Well not quite - But you can go to them! In this video I'll outline several proven methods to get the masses beating a path to your twitter page. Did I mention this is going to be FUN!
Take Twitter For A Spin - It's time to get up and running, so I'll show you how to start using Twitter. I'll show you were to read and reply to some tweets. I'll also cover a bit on Twitter etiquette, to make sure you generate the right impression!
Twitter Tools - In this video you'll see how to use several different Twitter tools or applications - these are springing up left and right and can really make life simple when it come to connecting to, building up and keeping track of all things Twitter.
How To Combine Powerful Emailing Techniques & Twitter - This video will introduce you to some great new Aweber functions that integrate your email broadcasts with your Twitter tweets.
Secret Twitter Traffic Tips & Techniques - In this video you will uncover some easily overlooked techniques to turn your Twitter tweets into a flood of traffic to your web pages and blogs.
How To Make Money On Twitter - Quite simply - you don't. But never fear! In this video I'll explain the reason why you do not want to sell your products to your followers. Instead, you discover tips on how to guide your followers to the products you are selling or promoting - without using 'heavy-handed' sales techniques.

That's an amazing amount of information to help you make a strong start on Twitter! If you are serious about getting genuine results from social marketing for your online business - then you must get the "Twitter Video Tutorials"....

Best of all this powerful training program is available today for just $9.95 plus shipping and handling. 

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I’m so confident that this is the system you need to get the results you are after that I'm giving you a full 30 days to try it out!

That’s right, you have a full 30 days to try out these Twitter mastery tutorials. If for any reason you feel that this information falls short of your expectations, then all you have to do is let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

It really doesn't get simpler than this - if you don’t love this information then you get a refund- it's that easy….

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Not only am I offering you the best traffic-generating system around… I'm also giving you these……

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If you want to maximize your online success with the most comprehensive range of tools around - then the free bonuses are the 'icing on the cake' to ensure you Twitter your way to success!



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To Your Twitter success,

Ed Sykes

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