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motivational speakers, va, virginia Beach, virginia, norfolk, Hampton Roads, ed sykes, joy fisher-sykes, Motivational free success tips, techniques, and secrets

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Motivational speakers, VA, Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Virginia, leadership speakers, Keynote speakers, Ed Sykes, Joy Fisher-Sykes


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Motivational speakers, VA, Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Virginia, leadership speakers, Keynote speakers, Ed Sykes, Joy Fisher-Sykes


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Vol. #7  Issue #52

 October 2009

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Featured Article:  Ten Powerful Presentation Skills Secrets to Outselling Your Competition


Bonus Article:  Five Powerful Customer Service Secrets to Growing Your Business During Challenging Times

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Featured Article:

Ten Powerful Presentation Skills Secrets to Outselling Your Competition
By Ed Sykes


Usually, you have one opportunity to present your organization’s ideas, products, and/or services to the audience. You work on the account for months and the presentation is your big moment. You speak to an under enthusiastic, yet polite audience; they thank you for your presentation and say they will get back to you. Unfortunately, after the presentation you learn that they went with another vendor.

What Happened?

It amazes me how often we see presenters with only one opportunity to make a presentation to sell their products, services, or ideas who come nowhere near meeting the needs of their audience. It’s almost as if the presenter is apologizing for making a presentation, and this prevents them from presenting well.

Why is it important for you to give a powerful presentation that sells you and your organization? You face more competition during these economic times, so you need to stand out so that the prospective “customer” chooses you as their provider. Your job as a presenter is to convince the decision-makers, whether they your managers during a meeting or potential new clients, to choose your organization or act on the information shared during your presentation. The following are ten presentation skills secrets that will help you give a powerful presentation that will sell you to decision makers:

  1. Research Audience Needs
    Invest time to find out what is important to the audience members so that you can meet their specific needs. Find out what challenges they face and how you can help them overcome these challenges. You will find out your audience members will appreciate your presentation more since you took the time to find out what is most important to them.
  1. Be Organized
    Have a clear opening, body, and closing to your speech. Take the time to outline your main points and keep it simple. Don’t put everything in your presentation. Keep your presentation to three main points with sub points.
  1. Get Excited
    Show your excitement and passion for the subject you present. When you are excited and it shows, the audience will also become excited about your presentation. Excited audience members are audience members who will take action.
  1. Dress the Part
    A friend once told me, “Dress like you want to be listened to.” Take time to dress the part of an expert. Be professional in the way you dress. Investing in your looks shows the audience that you respect them and want to do a good job for them.
  1. Open Strong
    Bring in the audience members by creating a strong opening that will engage and challenge the audience. Be confident and know your material so that rest of the presentation will be smooth.


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Bonus Article:

Five Powerful Customer Service Secrets to Growing Your Business During Challenging Times
By Ed Sykes


We are all faced with challenges during these changing economic times. How we overcome them and what leadership we provide will make the difference between success and failure

The secret weapon for being successful during this changing time is customer service. Outstanding customer service will make you stand out from the competition and make your organization successful. Whether your organization is for profit or non-profit, a private or government agency; or a big corporation vs. a small business, the following five customer service secrets will help you succeed in any situation:

  1. Grow Your Business with Customer Service Basics
    Joy and I were looking to purchase a new cell phone and walked into a retail store. When we walked into the store, the young lady did not look up and acknowledge our presence. When she finally looked up, she asked without a smile and without emotion, “Can I help you?” To make a long story short, every question we asked was appeared to be a bother to the clerk and we quickly left without purchasing anything. We went to another store less than a mile away, and as soon as we walked in the store the clerk had a smile on his face and was attentive to our needs and questions. Within a matter of minutes, we had purchased two cell phones and were happy with our purchase.

    Realize that the customer has many options to spend their money and you may have only one opportunity to impress that customer. Treat the customer as the key to making your organization successful and value their time.

    Get back to the basics of customer service whether you are in front of the customer or talking to the customer by phone. Greet the customer with a smile, talk with the customer with enthusiasm, and take a sincere interest. Really listen to the customer’s wants and needs so that you can work towards finding a solution. Make eye contact when speaking with the customer. If you ask the customer a question, wait to hear the answer before doing anything else. These basics show the customer you really want to provide a solution for them.

  1. Grow Your Business By Going the Extra Mile
    I have a membership and exercise at a local gym where I pay extra for their team-training program. One day I was running late and missed the last team training session. The trainer asked me to wait to see what he could do for me. He came back a few minutes later and shared that he would be willing to personally train Joy and me for one hour at no extra cost. We were impressed with the offer and the personal attention we received for the hour.

    Joy and I mentioned to the training director that we would like to train in the team training area by ourselves during the off hours. We like to do this because it is quiet in the room and we are able to think while we exercise. As a result of this conversation, the training director decided to initiate a rule that only team training members can use the exercise room during off hours.

    By going the extra mile in both cases, this business was able to please two members and made them feel special. Because of this special treatment, we will keep our membership, tell other potential members about the customer service, and the training director was able to initial a special “value-added” service to sell future potential team members when explaining why they should join team training.

    Challenge plus Opportunity equals Business Success

    What extra customer service can you give your customers so that they will continue to do business with you?


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Quote of the Day

"The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said."

 — Peter Drucker

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