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 August 1, 2008

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Feature Article:  JumpStart Your Employee Motivation: Ten Motivation Secrets to Empower Your Team


Motivation Corner:   What Would You Achieve if You Had Two Months to Live?


Recommended Success Resource:  Jumpstart Your Greatness!


Quote of the Day

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Feature Article:

JumpStart Your Employee Motivation: Ten Motivation Secrets to Empower Your Team

By Ed Sykes

One of the important keys to employee motivation is to empower your employees to be successful.  An empowered employee leads to the following benefits:



Increased creativity


Increased productivity


Increased teamwork and motivation


Increased initiative


Increased ownership of work


Reduced employee turnover


Reduced human resources situations


Better work environment


Increased results for your organization


Increased career opportunities


The following are ten motivation techniques to jumpstarting your employee motivation and empowering your team to outstanding results:


  1. Motivate Your Employees to Find Solutions

Encourage your employees to be solution creators instead of problem creators.  When employees communicate a problem to you, look at it as an opportunity to empower the employees.  Ask the employees how they would solve the problem, express your confidence that they are the person to solve the problems, give them the tools to solve the problem, and follow up with them.  You have just empowered those employees to find ways in the future to create solutions and made your team more productive at the same time.


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 What Would You Achieve if You Had Two Months to Live?


What would you achieve if you had two months to live? What barriers to your success would you knock down?  What relationships would you want to make stronger?  Have you achieved your childhood dreams?


The following motivational video will inspire you to achieve your success today.  Please view, share your comments, and enjoy!



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Recommended Success Resource:  JumpStart Your Greatness!

Transform your business, career, and life with the new motivational e-book, "JumpStart Your Greatness," by Ed Sykes and Joy Fisher-Sykes.



 Go to Greatness for additional information.


Quote of the Day

"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation
determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it."

- Lou Holtz: Former football coach, author, motivational speaker

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