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A message from Ed Sykes

Dear Success Seeker,

Our latest e-book, "JumpStart Your Greatness!" is causing quite a stir. In it we reveal some of the most coveted success secrets you can apply immediately to attract more opportunities, more money, and better careers.

Chances are that you will discover exciting information in this book that will surprise you.  The secrets that success experts Ed Sykes and Joy Fisher-Sykes reveal in the best selling e-book, "JumpStart Your Greatness!," will provide you with proven techniques to achieving greatness in your business, your career, and your life. Typically one has to make an enormous investment to uncover such wisdom.  Now you can learn these secrets for just a small investment

Ed and Joy share some of the most highly coveted success secrets to achieving greatness and enjoying more in life. And if you learn and apply them with both persistence and consistence, then you too can join the ranks of greatness!

5 StarsJumpStart Your Greatness!

This program is amazing... the techniques, strategies, and stories will put you on the fast track to becoming a more successful. I've already been promoted twice since using the techniques in JumpStart Your Greatness.

Michael Simmons, New York, NY

Anyone Can Jumpstart Their Greatness and See Their Career and Income Explode When They Follow These Success Secrets. Here is what you'll discover in this book:


  • How to apply the one success principle that took an ordinary tennis player to world champion tennis player in two weeks
  • The success secret to creating clear, concise goals that create passion in your life

  • How to overcome your fears and remove barriers to success

  • How Steve Jobs of Apple Computer "connected the dots" to overcome failure and achieve greatness

  • The success secret one employee used to go from the lowest paid employee to one of the highest paid employees in his organization in two weeks

  • Learn the one word that will open a sea of "yeses" for you and make you more successful

  • The best success techniques for promoting yourself for career success

  • How to apply the five goal-setting secrets that enabled swimmer Michael Phelps to become a successful Olympic Gold Medalist

  • How exercise increases your "greatness quotient"

  • The ten success secrets to being the ONE employee that everyone wants to promote

  • How to use stress to achieve greatness

  • How to listen to WIIFM and be more receptive to opportunities and be more successful in life

  • How to stay motivated no matter what situation you face

Plus much, much more! 

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When you order a copy of my new e-book, "Jumpstart Your Greatness!," we will you a ton of other products and services for free


Bonus #1: 1 FREE All Access "Ask Ed & Joy Question & Answer" Teleseminar -  30 days after your order we will personally conduct a  special answer your question teleseminar.  Submit your motivation, career, leadership, presentation, customer service questions before the call, ask us anything you like, and we will answer your question during the seminar! (Value $500.00)

Bonus #2: FREE TRIAL - "Rapid Reader" - This innovative software program will have you reading 5X faster in minutesRapidReader's patented technology is the result of more than 10 years of research and is clinically proven to accelerate reading speed and enhance comprehension.  Within minutes you'll be reading at several hundred words per minute with an experience as easy and comfortable as watching a movie. (Value $49.95)

Bonus #3: FREE SUCCESS E-BOOK with FREE SUCCESS AUDIO CD -  "Journey to a New You" - Free digital and audio copy of this best selling success e-book will show you how to lose weight and develop a more positive attitude. (Value $25.00)

Bonus #4: FREE SUCCESS E-BOOK - "The Law of Attraction in Action" - Free digital copy of  Janet Beckers' best selling motivational book.  Over with 280 pages of expert articles that reveal the secret behind The Secret, or The Law Of Attraction.  This publication is about taking action and was created by women who are action takers themselves. (Value $49.95)

Bonus #5: FREE SUCCESS E-BOOK - "As Man Thinketh" - Free digital copy of James Allen's International #1 best selling motivational e-book that will show you how to attract the positive in your life while eliminating the negative! (Value $25.00)

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Total Bonus Value: $949.90

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 5 StarsThe success framework I needed!

"Like many people, I've been exposed to a variety of goal oriented information. In JumpStart Your Greatness, Ed and Joy share powerful, common sense techniques that I can easily understand and implement.
Now, I am on track to jump starting my greatness and achieving more success in my life. Thank you!"

Mary Klein -- Charlotte, North Carolina


Yes Ed & Joy, rush me a copy of your e-book on DVD, "Jumpstart Your Greatness!," for discount of only $9.95!

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Because we are so confident you will achieve unparalleled personal success after using these programs, we’re willing to back them with our 100% Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee. This means you have 30 days to use our success programs. If you aren't satisfied with your results, simply return them for a FULL product refund.

The choice is yours. Think of how quickly you can short-cut your way to greatness by discovering and implementing the success strategies we reveal in the book. Better yet, take advantage of the additional success bonuses and our "Success Coaching" bonus to ensure you start the jumpstart process!

Seriously, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose! Order your success e-book now and discover how thousands of successful people effortlessly achieve greatness in their lives -- and how you can too!

Create a Great 2011!

Ed Sykes & Joy Fisher-Sykes

P.S. Remember, only on this web site can you get "JumpStart Your Greatness!" along with ALL the free success bonuses.  You'll get $949.90 worth of success products and services for the special price of $9.95.  Be more successful and achieve greatness today!

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